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Coffee Made for Community

Carefully sourced and deliciously roasted coffee that brings people together.

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Know exactly where your coffee is coming from. No mystery blends.

Double-Origin Coffees

To create a consistent coffee from season to season we combine two coffees and roast them each to perfection. We’ll tell you exactly what regions and farms they came from.

Single-Origin Coffees

Experience the nuance and uniqueness of our single-origin coffees and trace them back to their origins in Africa and Latin America.

Get to know your friends better over coffee.

A truly good cup of coffee should bring people together, which is why each bag of Stoble coffee comes with a conversation starter for you and a friend or family.

What is your absolute dream job?

Question 015

What do you value most in a friendship?

Question 039

If you could learn the answer to one question about your future, what would it be?

Question 051

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What Our Community Is Saying

From friends to roommates to business partners.

Stoble started out of a desire to live life in community, which is why we moved across the street from each other and started Stoble.

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Visit our cafe and coworking space in downtown Chico, California.

Stoble Cafe

Visit the Stoble Cafe website where you can learn more about our Stoble Cafe in Downtown, Chico.

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Stoble Workplace

Looking for a office space and coworking place? Visit the Stoble Workplace website where you can learn more about coworking, and other available office spaces.

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Work and relax in our 15,000 squarefoot downtown cafe and coworking space. Enjoy coffee and small bites from the cafe and become a member of our Stoble Workplace to get access to an awesome place to work and a great community.

Follow more building progress: @stobleworkplace

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