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We want to create great coffee and even better community.

At Stoble, we believe that thoughtfully sourced, carefully roasted, and precisely brewed coffee is a good starting point...but a truly good cup of coffee should delight more than just your palate. In the right hands, coffee can serve as the medium for bringing the unique qualities of people and their ideas together. We hope that you might be inspired by our coffee to discover your own better together.

Thiedes and Johnstons at Lower Park
Matt & Lauren in Napal
Matt & Natalie
From friends to roommates to business partners.

It all started at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, where Nat and Lauren met in the dorms and were roommates throughout college. Matt and Matt ended up as roommates a few years later. We experienced growth, change, and heart-ache alongside of one another throughout those years forming deep, authentic, and lasting friendships. Community with one another became our heartbeat. We all got married the summer of 2010 and then embarked upon adulthood in separate parts of the world.

We stayed in touch, getting together often to reminisce, laugh, catch up, and dream about the future together. Community remained our heartbeat. As we dreamed about the future, we envisioned a life in which we could work towards something we care about and live and raise our children alongside one another, giving us an opportunity to pass along our love for community. Eight years and four children later, we live across the street from each other and are working to build a company that builds the type of community we love so much.