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Wholesale At Stoble

A curated coffee program to fit your needs

We’re Stoble Coffee, a specialty coffee roaster based out of Chico, CA.

We're dedicated to the highest quality coffee and all that other stuff that every other third wave coffee roaster will tell you. The problem is we don’t think that just roasting amazing coffee is the whole point. Is our coffee great? We think so! Is that the reason we got into coffee? No. We are passionate about building community and connecting people. That is what coffee has always been for us--a means to make new friends and meet up with old ones. Our passion for coffee developed out of a desire to connect with fellow humans on a deeper level.

Our Wholesale program is an opportunity to do just that. We offer a curated coffee program for any type of partner, no matter the skill level. Whether you're running a bakery, office, hotel, or café--we've got you!

If you are interested, fill out this form so we can get in touch with you! We're so excited to start curating a program specifically for you!