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Flagship at Stoble

by Stoble Admin on March 09, 2023

Flagship… The first coffee we really tried to dial in 2019 when our roasting journey started. The idea is simple, create a fantastic coffee that every coffee drinker can enjoy. A coffee that people can add to or not add anything to it and it will be delicious. A coffee that can be brewed as an espresso or batch brewed drink with no change to the roasting recipe… a dream of a house blend. 

Before getting into the nitty gritty, which I can’t wait to about this coffee, I have to disclose the coffees that influenced my flavor preferences and perceptions going in to creating the aura of Flagship. In the early 2010s I was blown away by Verve’s 1950 blend, Wrecking Ball’s Pillow Fight espresso, and any of Kuma’s Guatemalan single origin offerings. These coffees each carried their own unique expressions, representation of terroir and fermentation methods, but they all had a similar trait for me. The harmonization of balance and surprise, acidity and creaminess, sweetness and density… each of these coffees carried those attributes to delicious and approachable levels. Each of these coffees were what I wanted to drink and experience every day.

I wanted Flagship to be a coffee I wanted to drink every day. Something with a unique unity of chocolatey, creamy, nutty, with a little fruit or bright sweetness at the end to light a spark… A medium-light roast recipe that brews easily in the cafe and at home, that tastes good as an espresso drink or French Press. I love music. I want Flagship to be a well composed song, a concerto, with elements that push and pull, that prod and embrace, familiarity with interrupting surprise; those are exciting elements to make a ritual. 

Flagship’s larger components are sourced from small farms we’ve grown to love via Primavera and the Bonaventure Project. Since last year we’ve bought two harvests of Antonio Medina’s washed caturra cultivar from his farm, La Colina “The Hill”, in Huehuetenango, Guatemala; and Don Guayo’s washed bourbon cultivar from his farm, El Puente in Antigua, Guatemala. It has been a blast to buy from these farms, in part because of the relationships they’ve sparked. These are special coffees coming from communities plugged into sustainable business and neighborly partnerships. We have not had the chance to visit these farms yet, but hope to make it to both by next harvest season! Tony Medina’s caturra coffee is less chocolatey, a little more almond and cream. Don Guayo’s bourbon coffee is more chocolatey and sweet. Right now we’re drinking Tony Medina’s La Colina in Flagship, in about a month we’ll be back to Don Guayo’s El Puente! We’ve used lots of different Ethiopian coffees in Flagship to bring out berry, citrus, or other sweetness and brightness. Right now we’re serving a delicious washed Ethiopian coffee from the Titira Cooperative in Sidama. This Ethiopian is less fruit-forward, more tea-like in tone and floral. It still gives Flagship its brightness at the finish, making it that good harmonizing familiarity with surprise. 

I drink Flagship every morning in the cafe. I order a mug of drip, it’s my favorite thing. I’ll use Flagship with a macchiato for my afternoon coffee as well. When I have Flagship at home, I’ll make a pour over. 

Flagship was the first coffee we fell in love with here and it continues to be out biggest staple. Interested in indulging in some chocolate-y, almond-y, floral goodness? Order here or stop by and ask the baristas to use it in your favorite drink.