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Dark at Stoble

by Stoble Admin on March 09, 2023

Dark roast.. Classic.. smooth.. The Bold Beans.. With this coffee we try to bring people together toward something. A coffee that introduces fans of the classically chocolatey, nutty, pleasantly strong coffee to coffees that are more thoughtfully grown and carefully processed. Dark definitely hits the classic notes while elevating the flavor and coffee quality. 

For Dark we’ve been sourcing coffees from Grupo Sierra Inconexus S.A.S in Santa Marta, Colombia since 2021. This Colombian coffee is the main component in our Dark double origin coffee. It is a classic washed process Colombian coffee carrying a load of chocolatey sweetness, pecan and almond, some citrus acidity. Grupo Sierra is organized by 19 small family coffee farms operating with the Inconexus exporting company. Together they’ve created an incredible network for community and coffee quality through their processing mill, cupping lab, and proximity to each other. 

The smaller component of our Dark roast comes from Sidama, Ethiopia. We’ve been buying from this region since 2019, but this particular Co-Op, the Gerbicho Lela Cooperative, has grown exquisite coffees. This is a washed process indigenous heirloom varietal to the region. The coffee is grown at ~2000 meters above sea level. The high elevation contributes to the coffee’s density! This, along with the other elements of terroir, draw out floral aromas, tea-like clarity with chocolate and orange sweetness in the cup. 

I enjoy our dark roast best when paired with a sweet dessert! The hint of dark chocolate bitterness and syrupy weight of the coffee make a perfect pairing with milk chocolate, ice cream, or a cookie. I like to make Dark roast at home in a French Press. Enjoy this classic recipe on roasting coffee!

Try this in our cafe as a our over or order online and try it using your favorite method at home!