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Decaf at Stoble

by Stoble Admin on March 09, 2023

Decaf does not have to be the after-thought coffee at home or in the cafe! We seek out delicious coffees from great cooperatives and farms to showcase, coffees that harmonize, putting the pieces together with sweetness, acidity, and syrupiness. 

We source only water processed decaf coffees in order to stay away from the chemically processed coffees, although there are other great alternatives to both chemically processed and water processed coffees that we have yet to explore (i.e. Ethyl Acetate, or using locally grown sugar cane to process the caffeine). 

We’ve been buying coffee from Coordinadora Estatal de Productores de Café del Estado de Oaxaca, or CEPCO, from Oaxaca Mexico since 2020 for our Decaf double origin. Its combined sweetness, acidity, and body make up the typical larger flavor attributes and representation for our Decaf. The other smaller coffee component we use in Decaf is currently from Segovia, Nicaragua. Most often we’ve been buying coffees from cooperatives in Ethiopia to shine brightly in a more medium coffee. This coffee blew us away in its clarity and juiciness as a component of Decaf. This one is Swiss Water Processed! SWP coffees are a specially certified water processed decaf coffee, they are processed at a particular facility in BC, Canada. 

Decaf has the aromas of sugar cookie and honey. We taste flavors that fluctuate in and around those aromas, along with some citrus zest and apricot. If you taste some other flavors or sense other fragrances let us know! We love hearing what you taste or sense in the coffee as well. 

My favorite way to enjoy our Decaf is in an afternoon/evening espresso drink. If you’re enjoying decaf at home, I love making a stovetop espresso with a Moka pot or having a brewed cup of coffee via French Press! 

Interested in trying out our Decaf for yourself? Pick up a bag of it in our cafe or order it online!