May Newsletter – Stoble Coffee Roasters
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May Newsletter

by Stoble Admin on June 19, 2023

New flavors are here and trust us when we say you won't want to miss out.


Did you know that you can try our single origin offerings in our cafe? On drip this month we have been brewing delicious batches of Burundi (along side our classic Flagship) and on bar we have our Ethiopia featured as our single origin espresso. Both of these are lighter roasts that each feature some unique flavor profiles.

Speaking of awesome flavors... we have NEW BEER ON TAP!! We are so excited to be featuring Ramble West Brewing, the newest addition to the Chico beer scene.

Pistachio Rose syrup is still here. This has been a fan favorite since the beginning. It’s nutty, it’s floral, it’s sweet and man, oh man, does it meld so well into our coffee.

Not a coffee or beer drinker? Good news! We are now featuring two delicious (and BEAUTIFUL) new iced teas: Hibiscus Mango and Blackberry Jasmine from Smith Tea Maker. We also have personal champagne bottles and orange juice to do a little DIY Mimosa! These are available all day long.

Come enjoy some of these fun drinks and celebrate the fast approaching summer!


Spring means a lot of new produce and locally sourced items from our favorite farms! Keep an eye out for bright asparagus being featured in our soups and salads, as well as succulent strawberries featured in jams, compotes, etc. We are keeping our cold case stocked with “grab n’ go” salads and sandwiches for those days where you just need a quick lunch and pick-me-up!!


Chocolate, Mango, Bright. Some of the flavors you might taste when sipping on our newest single origin, Ethiopia. This summer treat was recently released and has be stocked on our shelves in the cafe and online! We are obsessed with the juicy and sweet flavor we are experiencing when drinking this coffee.