June Newsletter – Stoble Coffee Roasters
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June Newsletter

by Stoble Admin on July 05, 2023

Summer up in Chico is a special time for our community. Farms are popping out delicious fruits and veggies, swimming holes are full of locals and travelers, backyard parties are happening all around town, and downtown is bustling with concerts, farmers markets and happy hours. We feel fortunate to get to soak it up and provide a place for people to gather in between their adventures! 

Summer comes with a lot of new offerings in our cafe to stay up to date with the local produce, as well as featuring new coffees in our queue and treats in our cafe!

To start us off, we released an exciting new Ethiopian coffee offering! This one's special. We are showcasing our first Grade Zero coffee from the Adame cooperative in Sidama, Ethiopia, imported by Royal. Grade Zero is a new caliber of quality in coffee milling, this means essentially undergoing repetitive sorting and washing to eliminate any defective coffee beans in a lot going to export. Because this coffee is higher quality and expertly grown, we selling it in limited release 5oz cans! Join us in celebrating this incredible heirloom coffee, grown by amazing farmers organized around the Adame Kebele washing station. It is the most balanced coffee! The aromas and lingering flavors lean toward watermelon candy, meyer lemon, jasmine, and some malic acidity like apple juice. Buy it now in store or online!

In our cafe we have just started serving lemonade from Barsotti. It’s sweet, slightly sour and incredibly refreshing. Want to take it up a notch? Add a shot of matcha to it for a boost of caffeine. Our staff has been obsessed with this drink and we are sure you will be too. Another fun addition this month is our Blackberry Basil syrup, which we can attest is delicious! We love getting to integrate summer flavors into our offerings so come enjoy them with us!! 

It's been a super fun summer of coffee so far. We've been loving Bedhatu Jibicho's natural Ethiopia single origin the last few weeks. It’s been our team’s go-to in all drinks recently. When we asked the staff what some words to describe it they said, “MMMM, tasty, YUM, yummy, juicy, THE BEST, I want it now, OOO mouth-watering,” so trust us when we say it’s great. Specifically, Alex, our head roaster has been enjoying Ethiopia in a macchiato for his afternoon beverage!

Stay tuned as well for upcoming Coffee Tasting Events this summer, ETA late July. 


If you want a great at home (or on the move) recipe for our delicious Ethiopian offering, this has been a winner for us! 

What you'll need:

  • Aeropress
  • Kettle
  • Timer
  • Scale
How to brew:
  • Add 14 grams of fine/medium ground coffee to Aeropress
  • Start 2 minute timer
  • Add 230 grams of water
  • Insert plunger but do not press until timer goes off
  • Swirl the Aeropress and press into the carafe
  • Sip & enjoy! 


To really capitalize on the summer flavors, out kitchen has been crafting some delightful bites! We're brining back a summer favorite, the BLTA, composed of Llano Seco Bacon, a tomato jam made from local tomatoes, fresh heirloom tomatoes, pickled peppers, umami sauce, brie, avocado, and local greens all piled on Camina Sourdough. We are fortunate enough to source a lot of the components of our meals from local farms!

We are keeping our cold case stocked for your grab-and-go needs! We have fresh vegan spring rolls paired with an almond-ginger sauce. We also have recently introduced the Italian sando in the line-up full with Olympia Provisions mortadella, salami, pepperoni, olive tapenade, pepper jack cheese, umami sauce and local greens!

In our pastry case we also have more gluten free options including seasonal scones, chamomile cake and occasionally some other treats like cobbler! 

We love getting to come up with new recipes, release new coffees and highlight delicious produce in our meals from our neighbors around the county!