Star Wars Trivia Night – Stoble Coffee Roasters
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Star Wars Trivia Night

by Stoble Admin on May 07, 2024

As Star Wars Day approached, fans gathered for a memorable trivia night at Stoble! Guiding us through the galaxy of questions was our amazing host and queen of all things Star Wars, Melissa of @discoverchico, who brought the heat with all the questions fit for the ultimate super fan, and we had some fun with silly questions too! Our chef and kitchen team whipped up some tasty dishes that were Star Wars-inspired, like our Dagobah Rootleaf Stew, Huttese Slime Pods, Gorba Melt, just to name a few! All were delicious and enjoyed by participants! We had a great night with all of our pals and can’t wait until next year!

Trivia goes down on the first Thursday of every month! Follow us on @stobleevents to get more info + sign-up!