May Pop-Up Market – Stoble Coffee Roasters
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May Pop-Up Market

by Stoble Admin on June 19, 2023
May kicked off with a delightful fusion of coffee, flowers, and shopping at our vibrant market. We treated attendees to a captivating coffee tasting experience, where they had the opportunity to sample two of our newest coffees: Wildflower and Mexico. To enhance the sensory journey, we collaborated with Vianey from Filbert Ave. Baking Co, who delighted everyone with her locally made treats that perfectly complemented the coffee flavors. The combination of sips and bites left everyone craving for more!

But the sensory pleasures didn't stop there. We were thrilled to have Lauren and Rebecca of P.S. Farms join us, showcasing a breathtaking assortment of local wildflowers. Attendees had the unique opportunity to channel their inner florist and create their own stunning wildflower bouquets at our build-your-own bouquet bar. The vibrant colors and fragrant blooms added an extra touch of natural beauty to the event.

As people explored the various levels of the Workplace, they indulged in a delightful mix of shopping, bouquet-making, and gastronomic adventures. The bustling atmosphere was a testament to the community's love for unique and locally crafted goods. We were overjoyed to witness the smiles and excitement as attendees discovered treasures from talented vendors.

A special shoutout goes to our fantastic vendors who made May's market an unforgettable experience. From @shopdelphine and Earrings by Laura to @ashhareart, @minka_studio_design, @boardinthehouseca, @cb.stitches, @growingmightylearners, @jeremyveselyphotography, @celestialcreations95, @beewitchedwax, and @withhoneyandcreamdesigns, their creativity and craftsmanship captivated visitors and added a diverse range of offerings to our market.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who made our May market a resounding success. Your presence and support are invaluable, and we couldn't be happier to be a part of such a vibrant community. Stay tuned for more exciting events and collaborations in the future as we continue to curate memorable experiences that celebrate local talent, delicious flavors, and the joy of connection.