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June Cooking Class with Chef Nate

by Stoble Admin on June 19, 2023

After the tremendous success of our "Cooking without a Recipe" class in March, we couldn't resist offering a second round this month. Led by our talented chef and kitchen manager, Nathan Johnson, this immersive experience unraveled the secrets of understanding flavor profiles and their versatile application in various recipes.

Participants delved into a world of culinary exploration as Nate guided a small group through the intricacies of cooking without a recipe. From the art of balancing flavors to experimenting with unique combinations, this class elevated culinary skills and ignited creativity in the kitchen. Wine was poured, delicious dishes were cooked and savored, and unforgettable moments were shared. In fact, the magical ambiance of our rooftop even witnessed a heartwarming post-class proposal!

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who attended this extraordinary event. Your presence made the night truly special, and we are humbled by your enthusiastic participation. Our cooking classes are designed as a series, each offering a unique theme and valuable insights. Stay tuned for our upcoming class in July titled "Cooking Outside of the Box." Alternatively, you can visit our Events Shop page for a glimpse into our exciting lineup of future events.

Enhance your cooking skills, discover new flavors, and create unique dining experiences at our next class!