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Give a Drip, Get a Drip!

by Stoble Admin on June 19, 2023
The power of giving was experienced as we hosted our first-ever blood drive in our Workplace sublevel. The theme of the day was "Give a drip, get a drip," and it was a resounding success. We partnered with the local Vitalant branch, who brought their impressive equipment and expertise to make this event possible. Our heartfelt thanks go out to the customers, community members, staff, and coworking members who generously donated. 

The event generated an overwhelming response, and we are proud to announce that we collected a total of 18 life-saving blood donations thanks to you all!! This accomplishment speaks volumes about the generosity and compassion of our community. Together, we made a significant impact and contributed to the availability of vital blood supplies.

We are immensely grateful for the support of Vitalant and their commitment to promoting and facilitating blood donations. Their professionalism and dedication ensured a smooth and efficient process, putting donors at ease and creating a positive experience for all.

Due to the success of our first blood drive, we are hopeful to host another one later this year!