April Headshot Day – Stoble Coffee Roasters
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April Headshot Day

by Stoble Admin on June 16, 2023
There comes a time in our lives where we will probably need a headshot or a nice photo of ourselves. While a friend snapping a photo on their phone of you is a great intermediary, we love hosting these photo days to give you a low barrier way to get some more quality photos. This event was so much fun and we got to see some new and some familiar faces! These events eliminate the awkwardness that we definitely relate to feeling when in front of the camera. They are quick, comfortable AND you get a few different options of poses and backgrounds to make sure your personality is shining through in the photos! Kaia Anderson Photography co-hosted this event again with us and had a great time connecting with the community members who joined! As always, stay tuned for our next headshot day!