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Embracing Local Bounty: Discover the Farms Behind Our Fresh Ingredients

by Stoble Admin on March 29, 2023

You can’t make great food without great ingredients and that is why we source our produce locally.  We source from three farms in Chico; Burns Blossom, Comanche Creek and GRUB.  Most of the produce you see on the menu is determined by the seasonality of what these farms are producing at the time.  We prioritize using local before branching out to other farms outside of Butte County.  

Some of the produce we get from these farms include but are not limited to: lettuce greens, kales, broccoli, cauliflower, squashes, tomatoes, daikon, radishes, herbs, peppers, eggplant, potatoes, romanesco, kohlrabi, and much much more.

Want to learn more about these amazing farms or get in touch?

Burns Blossom Farms

Mel, Kyle and Rosemary Blossom Burns are the heart and soul behind B.B. Farms. We have had such a joy working with these wonderful people and getting to taste and learn about the amazing produce. Both of their farm locations are CCOF/USDA Certified Organic with the additional add-on label from the Real Organic Project. Their farm features a diverse array of vegetables, cut flowers, herbs and fruit. You can visit them at both the Wednesday and Saturday Farmers Markets. 


Email: Kyle@BurnsBlossomFarm.com

Instagram: @burnsblossomfarm 

Comanche Creek Farms

Sean Mindrum's farm is located against the the riparian habitat of Comanche Creek with mineral rich soil from Butte Creek. He focuses on using a constructive organic approach to farming which includes focusing on the health of the soil, recycling natural material and growing crops that will help maintain soil fertility. This way of farming helps sustain and enrich their produce and farmlands. We feel very fortunate to source many delicious things from Comanche Creek Farms! Find their produce at Chico Natural Food Cooperative, New Earth Market both Chico and Yuba City stores and S & S Organic Produce and Natural Foods!


Email: comanchecreekfarms@gmail.com

Instagram: @comanchecreekfarms


Lee and Fanny at the GRUB Farm are dedicated to growing under CCOF standards and only producing the highest of quality produce. Their farm sells directly to customers which allows them to harvest at the peak flavor and deliver vibrant food. Their farm is located along the Lindo Channel in Chico which allows them to further their mission of planting native hedgerows to support wildlife, building soil naturally and planting a diverse selection of rare and heirloom seeds. They have provided us with lots of tasty treats! Check out their produce at Chico's Farmers Markets on both Wednesday and Saturdays! 


Email:  grubchico@gmail.com

Instagram: @grubcsafarm

Stop by our cafe and try some of our deliciously crafted meals featuring produce from all of these wonderful farms!