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by Stoble Admin on April 06, 2023

Brew Time: 4 Minutes

What You'll Need: Coffee Grinder, Scale, Kettle, Timer, Container, Aeropress Kit (Filter, Stir, Aeropress) 

Ingredients: Filtered Water, Coffee

We just switched from pour overs to Aeropresses in our cafe. With this fun new change we wanted to take the chance to share our preferred method of brewing with the Aeropress and the method we will be using in the cafe! 

We brew using the inverted method.

Step 1: Insert the plunger in about ½ inch and standing it on the plunger (the inverse of how it is generally used).

Step 2: Add 25g of medium ground coffee

Step 3: Start timer and add 175g of water at 200 degrees

Step 4: Stir 15 times back and forth. During this step it is important to make sure you are stirring exactly 15 times. Too few stirs will result in under extracted and slightly sour coffee and too many stirs will produce over extracted and more bitter coffee. 

Step 5: Put filter cap on and wait until timer reaches 1min

Step 6: Flip Aeropress upright onto cup or carafe

Step 7: Wait until 1:15 min then plunge slowly, for about 20-30s

Step 8: Dilute with 115g hot water 

Aeropresses are portable, have minimal waste and are extremely easy to clean. They are the perfect travel companion and make a killer cup of coffee.