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Colombia Pink Bourbon

Colombia Pink Bourbon


Notes: Sweet Candy, Grapefruit, Winey

Gabriel Castaño’s anaerobically fermented bourbon rosado, or “pink bourbon”, is funky and sweet, bringing in flavors and aromas reminiscent of artificially sugared candies and red wine! Our baristas say there’s a nostalgic essence to this coffee. We got to sample this coffee earlier this spring with our friends at Saint Frank and the Bonaventure Project. Please enjoy this limited edition Colombian single origin!

Colombia , Gabriel Castaño, Huila (Anaerobic)

  • Green Coffee Importer: Bonaventure Project/Saint Frank
  • Process: 96 hrs anaerobic fermentation in cherry, traditional pulping and washing,  dried 12 days on covered raised beds 
  • Altitude: 1650-1700  meters
  • Grower: Gabriel Castaño  
  • Variety: Pink Bourbon (Bourbon Rosado) 
  • Region: Acevedo, Huila, Colombia  
  • Certification: Bonaventure Project