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Delicious Tasting Notes

We partnered with the good people at Saint Frank Coffee in San Francisco who brought this coffee from Jesús Sabillón and his farm in Santa Barbara Honduras. It is a washed Paraneima varietal, the beans are big not just in size but in their sweetness! Last spring we sampled Jesus' coffee and were blown away by its lighter body and stone fruit sweetness. Enjoy these big beans, and know that you are supporting incredible coffee growers and their communities with this new single origin.



Stone Fruit

Single-Origin means you know what you’re getting. No mystery blends.

Honduras Jesús Sabillón Washed

In Jesús' own words: "I remember that I worked with coffee since I [was] 10 years old, I helped my father in some activities on his farm: preparing the coffee nursery, picking cherries in the season, washing parchment, etc. I am the 3rd generation of coffee producers and now, my son has his own farm too, so he is the 4th generation; this fills me with pride. When I planted the farm with Parainema coffee, I never did it thinking of specialty coffees; But observing the great microclimate conditions of the farm, I thought that our coffee had quality potential; So, in 2017, I took a sample to Benjamin Paz of the San Vicente mill and he told me that we could start to prepare a micro-lot of specialty coffee to offer some coffee buyers. Since then, we are in the world of specialty coffees." This coffee is part of a movement started by the good people at Saint Frank in San Francisco and their producing partners in Honduras called Bonaventure Project. We are so excited to join in, buying and roasting these delicious coffees produced by incredible farmers like Jesús and others in the Santa Barbara region. Read more about this movement at

  • Green Coffee Importer Saint Frank Coffee
  • Certification None
  • Process Washed, fermented for 15 hours, solar dried
  • Altitude 1250 meters
  • Grower Jesús Sabillón
  • Variety Paraneima, Pacas
  • Region Santa Barbara
  • Harvest January-March

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We publish 100% of our coffee pricing as apart of our commitment to The Pledge - an initiative to help improve transparency and sustainable pricing practices in the coffee industry.

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